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Bilkent Assassin
hunt bilkent students with a water gun, be the last one who survives and win a board game!

11 May - 16 May

How does it Work?

Join to become an assassin. During six beautiful summer days you will be given a target at every 02:00 , and 21 hours to eliminate your target. You wiil be able to eliminate your target before 23:00.

Your weapon will be basic water gun which will be distributed, but you have the power to turn it into the mightiest weapon in the world. Don't forget, you are also someone else's target. Sometimes the hunter might become the hunted. Every participant will gain a basic water gun for nothing at start.

When you are only one person who has not eliminated, you are the winner. First prize is a new board game named DIXIT which worth 90 Turkish Liras. Partnership with other Bilkent Clubs is in process, possibly there will be suprize prizes

Stanford students are shairng their experiances :)


  • You should have bilkent mail to join this event
  • The assassination must not be witnessed by any other than you and your target. If someone see you during your assasination you will be eliminated. But 2 second after assasination event you can be seen freely
  • The target is eliminated when water hits him/her. Purses, backpacks and other accesories can't protect you from your demise, if water hits them, he/she was dead.
  • Once you kill your target, you will be assigned his/her target at next 02:00.
  • An assassin must be smart and subtle, you can't use physical force on your target.
  • You can use your own waterguns and waterbaloons
  • You can gain small prizes like card games by recording assaninations or select your killer image correctly from profile page.
  • You must inform us your successful assasination via this web site before midnight. If you fail to kill your target within 21 hours, you will be terminated.
  • You will learn your target from your profile with your password and bilkentid.
  • When you eliminated we ask from you that inform us before 00:00 from your profile to avoid false pretenses
  • If your target shoots you before you assassinate him/her, you are neutralized for 60 minutes. During this time you can't kill anyone.
  • You can't take other assassins' guns while they are holding.
  • You can share your ideas and complaints to our organization team via facebook.
  • We will not share your phone number or facebook with other assasins, we are taking them in order to communicate with you as organization team.
  • Lying about anything in the game means you will be eliminated directly.

Join Tournament

Do not use Turkish characters. Last possible 15 free ticket with a free watergun, take your place quick. Ticket number can increase related deleted accounts by organisation team. Follow us.

Image for Profile
Browse Picture or Drag Drop

Choose your best picture. Your face must be clearly seen and centered. There should be nobody except you. Your account can be deleted because of blurred pictures. Maximum 1 MB and only JPEG and PNG allowed.